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Ubnt AirVision, AirCam and me

This weekend, I finally had time to install a few network cameras from Ubiquiti in my house. The goal was to replace the previous system, which was composed of cheap USB webcams and the software motion , that has been … Continue reading

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Nagios and SNMP traps

It has been explained many times over the internet, so I won’t cover that. One thing you have to pay attention to is, if you run snmptt as a daemon, be sure that it has the right to write to … Continue reading

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vSphere NIC teaming, Cisco router and HP Procurve switches

So, like me, you want to have redundancy for your virtual machine network. For my lab setup, I use a refurbished Cisco router 3825 with two gigabit interfaces, two Procurve 2810-24G and a small server with 4 gigabit interfaces for … Continue reading

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