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Fortigate: SAML authentication in firewall policy with Keycloak

First, create a new Single Sign-On authentication under User & Authentication. As of version 7.0.6, the GUI does not specify ports and does not let you change them either. To work around this, use the CLI. Default ports used by … Continue reading

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Running a PKI using Smallstep certificates with Docker

Recently, I had to set up a new PKI. I was going to go with the good old OpenSSL but it’s 2021, there must be a more userfriendly and, more importantly, automated approach. There are many open-source possibilities: EJBCA, cfssl, … Continue reading

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Wowza 3 + Ubuntu 12.04 setup

2012-08-13 Update: simple monitoring with Cacti. The goal I want to have a clean Wowza setup for a live streaming platform. The access to the streaming server will be open but every other service (management interface, ssh, web server, etc) … Continue reading

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Il fait froid, et ça se voit

C’est certainement pas le chat qui me contredira !

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Allposters rapide et efficace

Première commande chez , service rapide et effiace. Commande passée le jeudi soir, préparée et expédiée le vendredi, reçue le lundi matin via la Poste classique. Les posters étant enroulés dans du papier gris, le tout enfermé dans un … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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