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Run Jenkins and Jenkins agents on Docker

I have managed a Gitlab instance for a couple of years, but for some organizations, Gitlab is overkill. For some people, Gitea is enough. However, Gitea does not have production-ready CI/CD yet. Fortunately, it’s possible to link Jenkins to Gitea. … Continue reading

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Backup gitea container

Gitea is great when you want a fast, light and yet user-friendly git repositories. Alternatives would be Gogs, Gitlab or even Github. Gitea documentation tells you to use docker exec to perform a backup. However, this prevents you from using … Continue reading

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Post install steps with Gitlab

It happens I recently had to install Gitlab and was a bit lost about what to do right after the setup finished, perhaps this will help. By default, Gitlab stores its data files in /var/opt/gitlab and its backups in /var/opt/gitlab/backups … Continue reading

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