OpenIndiana : créer une target iSCSI

Encore quelques steps simples mais qu’on ne fait pas tous les jours:

  1. pkg install SUNWiscsit
  2. svcadm enable -r svc:/network/iscsi/target:default
  3. zfs create -V 10G tank/myiscsilun
  4. sbdadm create-lu /dev/zvol/rdsk/tank/myiscsilun
  5. itadm create-target -a none -n -l hostname-tank-myiscsilun
  6. stmfadm offline-target
  7. stmfadm create-hg myhostgroup
  8. stmfadm add-hg-member -g myhostgroup
  9. stmfadm create-tg mytargetgroup
  10. stmfadm add-tg-member -g mytargetgroup
  11. stmfadm online-target
  12. stmfadm add-view -n 0 -t mytargetgroup -h myhostgroup <GUID from step 4>

Et voilà.

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