Computer case: Antex NX800 mounting tips

If you plan to buy the Antec NX800 for your new build, you should be aware of a couple of things.

First, it is one of the cheap-ish cases that support a 280mm radiator at the top. This is the primary reason I bought this case.

Second, if you mount a radiator at the top, mount it last. Especially, mount it after you screwed the motherboard and plugged all cables (especially CPU power and fans). Accessing them with the radiator mounted will be difficult or even impossible.

Finally, while you can turn on/off the RGB LEDs on the fans with the push of a button, you cannot do the same with fan speed. Fans connected to the controller will run at max speed, and some may find it quite loud.

Apart from that, the case seems solid and will most likely survive many builds. Enjoy.

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