Europe GPU prices update – March 28 2024

With all the buzz about AI these days, let’s have a look at the GPU prices in Europe and check which one gives the best “bang for the buck” as YouTubers like to say.

YouTube is filled with people telling you how cheap GPUs are or that this model is the best value but unfortunately most of those people are living in the USA. Here in Europe, the story is usually different. I checked the cheapest model of each chip, and sorted them by the price per GB VRAM. The full table is available below.

The cheapest chip is Intel A770 16GB with less than 21€/GB of VRAM. Right behind it, the latest AMD RX 7600 XT with also 16GB. Then the “old” NVIDIA RTX 3060 12GB and finally the AMD RX 6800 with 16GB.

Amongst those, the NVIDIA card and the AMD RX 6800 and AMD 7600 XT are supported by llama.cpp and Ollama. For sure, the NVIDIA card will have the best support but it comes with only 12GB and on paper it’s much slower than the RX 6800.

The first card with more than 16GB is the AMD RX 7900 XT with 20GB at almost 36€ per GB. Then the AMD RX 7900 XTX with 24GB at almost 40€ per GB. The support for these cards is great.

Full table

MakerModelRAMLowest retail€/GB RAMSupported
AMDRX 66008210,00€26,25€No
AMDRX 6600 XT8269,00€33,63€No
AMDRX 6650 XT8249,00€31,13€No
AMDRX 670010399,00€39,90€No
AMDRX 6700 XT12364,00€30,33€No
AMDRX 6750 XT12355,00€29,58€No
AMDRX 680016389,00€24,31€Yes
AMDRX 6800 XT16543,00€33,94€Yes
AMDRX 6900 XT16579,00€36,19€Yes
AMDRX 6950 XT16599,00€37,44€Yes
AMDRX 76008255,00€31,88€Yes
AMDRX 7600 XT16349,00€21,81€Yes
AMDRX 7700 XT12419,00€34,92€Yes
AMDRX 7800 XT16509,00€31,81€Yes
AMDRX 7900 GRE16564,00€35,25€Yes
AMDRX 7900 XT20719,00€35,95€Yes
AMDRX 7900 XTX24949,00€39,54€Yes
NVIDIARTX 30608269,00€33,63€Yes
NVIDIARTX 306012287,00€23,92€Yes
NVIDIARTX 3060 Ti8382,00€47,75€Yes
NVIDIARTX 30708449,00€56,13€Yes
NVIDIARTX 3070 Ti8583,00€72,88€Yes
NVIDIARTX 308010493,00€49,30€Yes
NVIDIARTX 308012748,00€62,33€Yes
NVIDIARTX 3080 Ti12811,00€67,58€Yes
NVIDIARTX 3090241.356,00 €56,50€Yes
NVIDIARTX 3090 Ti241.479,00 €61,63€Yes
NVIDIARTX 40608287,00€35,88€Yes
NVIDIARTX 4060 Ti8379,00€47,38€Yes
NVIDIARTX 4060 Ti16455,00€28,44€Yes
NVIDIARTX 407012539,00€44,92€Yes
NVIDIARTX 4070 SUPER12596,00€49,67€Yes
NVIDIARTX 4070 Ti12729,00€60,75€Yes
NVIDIARTX 4070 Ti SUPER16838,00€52,38€Yes
NVIDIARTX 4080161.040,00 €65,00€Yes
NVIDIARTX 4080 SUPER161.070,00 €66,88€Yes
NVIDIARTX 4090241.749,00 €72,88€Yes
GPU prices, cheapest model for each chip – Source:
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