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Ubuntu netbooting needs a “new” kernel parameter

After a few hours spent trying to find why Ubuntu 12.04 would not download a preseed file while netbooting, I stumbled upon this bug . I needed to add “IPAPPEND 2” after the APPEND directive in the pxelinux config … Continue reading

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OpenIndina: resize an iSCSI LUN exported to Microsoft Windows 2008

Just as a reference for future needs. To resize a zvol exported as an iSCSI LUN to a Windows OS, you need to change the zvol size, then change the “iSCSI backend” the LUN changed size and then do a … Continue reading

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ZFS bug in FreeBSD and FreeNAS

After a few weeks using FreeNAS 8.3.1, I noticed I could not create new volumes because the pool was out of space. The problem was that I should have had enough space, by a long shot. In fact, one of … Continue reading

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